Chaconne #19 – Thanksgiving Day, 2013 (Nov. 28th)

Private performance for colleagues and family.   A beautiful event, in a warm living room with cathedral ceilings and a fireplace glowing.   The idea of this complete work being the story of a spiritual journey seemed more powerful than ever – to me, and from discussion afterwards, to our listeners as well.   

Somehow, with the increased familiarity with the work I am having trouble simultaneously accessing/realizing both the deep flow and the organizational frame…sinking into the world of the music and organizing the right pace and long, section phrasing.  I am going to try to study the score a bit without the violin (without playing it) and see if that helps for the next one. 

The technical changes I am making in the use of certain fingers on the right hand in order to gain more articulation and control of two and three voices at the same time is really starting to work – though when I lose it and fumble a passage it is not so easy to relax and sink back into the new mode…but it IS coming along!


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  1. A most beautiful performance of one of my all time favorites. And, in my own living room! You have inspired me to revisit the piece on guitar. Thank you Shem!

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