Chaconne #2

The Players, NY …May 22 2012 7:30 pm

Program Dvorak Romance, Prokofiev Vocalise, Messaien Vocalise-Étude, Brahms G Major Sonata, Enescu Impressions D’Enfance, with photographic images by Peter Laytin.

Colleagues present.  In this performance and the previous one at Lincoln Center, I felt free to allow fancy to direct my timing and dynamics in many of the variations, and colleagues with whom I spoke approved.    The opening statement and the two dotted rhythm variations seem to function as an Introduction, the dotted rhythms recalling to my mind French Overture.

2 thoughts on “Chaconne #2”

  1. I heard both performances #1 and #2, at Lincoln Center and at the Players’ Club. One observation was how well the Bach complemented and yet stood out from the other diverse pieces on the program. I think this might be the case no matter what the other music! Also, hearing the piece twice within three days, I heard different things. This is partly that there is so much to hear, partly the room ambiance, and partly the spontaneous choices made by the artist in the moment. There seems almost to be an improvisatory possibility within the compexity of the music.

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