Chaconne #22 Bennington College March 18, 10 PM

On campus in the CAPA LENS.

Tuesday night’s 10 p.m. performance of the entire D Minor Partita produced one of the most memorable results I have ever experienced as a soloist.  The audience of about 60 or so stayed sitting together in a profound, relaxed silence for a good 8-10 minutes.  Slowly, one or two students at a time would quietly put their things together and leave the room.  About six stayed for talkback and conversation that was captured by our Catamount Access cameraman.  I will put the students’ insightful comments together in an edit, and post it here as soon as I can.

One of my comments about the performance is that the emotional arc of my performance felt sloppy to me – and when I shared that, Matthew (one of the students) replied that “emotions are sloppy” and that the rawness of my musical expression (his words) was what made it so powerful. That gives one *much* to consider in terms of balancing personal expression with expressing musical understanding of Bach’s fine works.

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