Chaconne #25 – December 28, 2014 5pm – Private performance

in memory of my friend Lev Gogish.  White Plains, NY

5 thoughts on “Chaconne #25 – December 28, 2014 5pm – Private performance”

  1. Shem, our family is deeply grateful for your touching performance on December 28, 2014. We are honored that we could be there for your 25th stop on the journey of 100. It is fitting, given the emphasis of this series on live performance, that you dedicated it to my father’s memory — it is a wonderful way to honor a life.

  2. Shem, thank you for the wonderful and unique performance. You showed me a new side of Bach’s genius – not celestial peace and harmony, but human life with its waves of pain and suffering changing to joy of new discoveries and love. My father would greatly appreciate this stop on your Journey of 100.

  3. Serafima Dashevskaya

    Dear Shem,
    Thank you so much for performing at our home. This was a very important milestone in preserving Lev’s memory and truly once-in-a-lifetime event for everyone in the audience. I was listening to your beautiful playing with tears in my eyes and my heart aching but I also felt Lev’s presence and it made me happy. You made it possible for me to personally connect to the Bach’s greatest piece.

  4. What a wonderful pleasure to hear Bach live in the home of Seramina and family last night. The intimate group and live Violin were amazing, the passion was really felt. Lev would have loved it. Your mission to achieve 100 performances is a delightful journey. Bravo.

  5. Shem, your concert was a journey through the life of Lev, capturing his enduring love of family, his openness to the world, his curiosity and discovery, his exuberance, some moments, serious, others sad, but essentially what I felt through the music was the life force of a truly extraordinary human being whose eternal spirit is alive and as vibrant as our four seasons.

    Connecting listeners in small groups, especially children, through the language of music may help to soothe the wounds of a fractured society so globally bereft of emotionally healthy connections that cultivate empathy, compassion, and sharing.

    Thank you.

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