Chaconne #32 – The Explorers Club, NYC Mon Feb 13


This performance in my series Journey of 100 is part of an amazing evening: a program I am sharing with my niece Dr. Dorit Donoviel,  one of the chief scientists in charge of the medical program for NASA astronauts. We are calling it  For the Love of Music and Space.

RESERVATIONS 212.628.8383 or email us at

Date: Monday, February 13th  Time: 6:00 pm Reception, 7:00 pm Lecture

Location: Explorers Club – 46 East 70th Street, New York, NY, 10021

Member Ticket Price: $10 Guest Ticket Price: $25 Student Ticket Price: $5 with a valid academic ID

3 thoughts on “Chaconne #32 – The Explorers Club, NYC Mon Feb 13”

  1. What a great night – a packed house once again at the Explorer’s Club. Dorit is so expert at speaking to lay audiences without dumbing down the scientific and medical content! Our idea played out well for our audience: fact is that the isolation astronauts experience during extended time in outer space is frequently reduced by listening to music, or taking their own musical instrument with them. Perfect parallels: a long Journey into Outer Space, my lengthy Journey of 100 Bach Chaconne performances – both take individuals deeper into their own Inner Space.

    I hope all the people who planned to write their comments will remember and share them with you here!

  2. Serafima Dashevskaya

    Dear Shem,
    This was my third time when I joined you in your Journey of 100. Every time my experience is a little different, but it is always that I can feel my own Inner Space (as you stated) listening to Bach. Chaconne for me is very personal and I find solace during your masterful performance.
    Dorit’s presentation was so engaging and interesting and the idea of connecting science and music at the same event was great.
    Thank you very much and I looking forward to joining you at your Journey in the future.


  3. This was such a wonderful event. I found the juxtaposition of human exploration of deep space with the kind of deep inner exploration that music can provide to be a profound experience. This was my first, but hopefully not my last, time seeing the performance of Chaconne journey of 100 and it took me through quite a spectrum of emotional reaction. At one moment watching the performance it brought me to a place of almost unease and sadness only to be swept along to a feeling of pervasive joy. The experience of listening to this beautiful music performed masterfully seems to open up a channel of connection, to cut off the stream of thought and plunge you deep into an inner space where seemingly only you can go. In the context of Shem’s interpretation of the piece, which he touched on briefly before the performance, and being in a room of people all taking that plunge into the inner space of connection, combined with Dr. Dorit Donoviel’s wonderfully informative presentation of outer exploration, it made for a very profound and intellectually stimulating night. Thank you Shem and Dorit and thank you all who attended!

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