Chaconne #36 – July 30, 11:30a Art New England Faculty

A live “test” performance for ANE faculty Timothy Hawkesworth and Lala Zeitlin and a few friends. We are considering a performance for their painting students this week, one in which we explore if the live performance of the Chaconne will facilitate the artists’ access to individual creative places in their own bodies.  (Teaching this access is part of the expertise that Tim and Lala bring to their students).  Tim and Lala want to experience the creative possibilities directly, for themselves, before bringing the opportunity to this week’s class.  Performed in their teaching studio at Bennington College, VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) center.

My post-performance comments: Well, I am really glad we did this test run today –  playing in the studio along with the sounds of the artists working requires another level of concentration for me.   When the students are there later in the week, as well as the live models,  it will certainly require me  – and inspire me –  to take the music to another level.

We were joined by Larry and Eli, two of Lala’s cousins, artists all.  Images of the work they created during the performance are here, below.

Preparing the music last week, getting ready for this week’s performance, has been difficult.  A large part of me did not want to get emotionally involved with the mood of the music, incredible and inspiring as it is. However, I was able to craft a working method that focussed mostly on my body and the relationship to the violin and bow rather than the emotion of the music.  Seems to have paid off; I will know more about this after the next performance.

Chaconne performance #36 Eli
Chaconne performance #36 Lala Zeitlin
Chaconne performance #36 Larry
Chaconne performance #36 T. Hawkesworth

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