Chaconne #4

July 25, 2012 NY NY private apartment at Lincoln Center for Russian friends and colleagues.  Played all four dance movements as part of performance …spieled  as well about Why 100?.  Deep concentration a bit of an issue.  Was confused about the balance of freedom and form, freedom and rhythmic pulse between the dance movements and the Chaconne….4 dance movements definitely set up questions and the Chaconne answers them.  Host reserved performance #97!

July 28 – comment: I had this sense that one of my Russian friends was trying to tell me something during the performance: and I think I just realized what it was:  regarding the artistic repetition of 100 – in this instance the *quantity* becomes a *quality* – this is precisely the language that one of Artist friends used about certain aspects of his own work – and I never made the connection until just now.

July 31 – In the course of our discussion, my Russian host informed me that all Russian school children were well informed about Hegel’s dialectic of “quantity, as it grows, becomes a quality” – and that in the USSR Marx adopted Hegel’s statement as part of his ideology.

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