Chaconne #48 – Las Vegas NM -Oct. 8, 2022

This is Shem, writing about my experience of the #48 performance.  

It might seem odd (to anyone other than a fellow violinist) to say that I felt happy about this performance – I do.   I was able to allow the music to move through me and simply allow it to be colored by the emotions I felt.  Not self-conscious in anyway, yet aware of everything.  Was execution flawless? No – however I am very clear that perfection per se is simply a cage of correctness.  Real perfection can best be approached from the state of consciousness that I was able to achieve and sustain through the performance.  And *that* leaves me feeling happy. 

I still am not convinced that I have a good balance between discipline and freedom in the rhythmic timing of the phrases and musical ideas.  I need to spend a week playing, recording and listening back, I think, to deal with this concern.

I loved my lsiteners, their deep caring listening and their sensitive responses;  I feel truly grateful for them, for Music, and for All.

4 thoughts on “Chaconne #48 – Las Vegas NM -Oct. 8, 2022”

  1. The performance was outstanding. I felt my personal feelings were a bit self centered as I placed myself as the protagonist and antagonist of the music. The music brought me through several instances of obscure recollection all occuring simultaneously and weaving into a pattern that matched the despair & resolutions I interpreted in the melody. One word kind of rang through “deceit”. I thought of the small deceiving tones and word choices we use everyday to either win favor or get what we want from people, some of them absolutely harmless and others more profound and mischievous. My mind dived in to also recall the deceiving words, tones & actions we do for good to protect the ones we love or spare strangers from moments of vulnerability. Deceit can be binary both good and bad… I could go on and on, however this was the overall theme of where the music took me.

  2. Elizabeth deMare

    I am grateful for the gift of the performance, and found myself particularly amazed at the way in which the composer was able to communicate his emotions forward in time to blend with the emotions of the performer and then to elicit emotion in myself. The piece has moments of calm, but more moments which caused me to reflect on the outer and inner turmoils of being human and emotionally involved with others and with the external world. There was something which spoke to me of the difficulties of actually manifesting the intended results of one’s actions and relationships and what it feels like when those do not move forward as desired. I love the ways in which the music was able to communicate complex concepts without words.

    1. Elizabeth, I love the way you frame the capacity of written music to flow forward in time, and you articulate eloquently aspects of music’s multi-dimensional effects as it moves from a two dimensional graphic image (notes on the page) into the air and into us listening.

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