Chaconne #49 – Alpharetta Symphony Youth Orchestra

Sunday April 16, 2023, 5:00 P.M. Alpharetta, Georgia

What a wonderful event we had – I performed for and worked with these aspiring young musicians!

I was very happy with how the whole event turned out. The large community room with the youth orchestra musicians on my left, and their families and friends on the right, had a beautiful sound perfectly suitable for the violin. I could feel the awareness and attention from both groups – they were excellent listeners.

In this 49th performance of the work I was exploring the relationship between rhythmic discipline (think: metronome) and freedom to let the musical ideas take shape as elements, as ideas, as scenes, in the story that lies inside this compositon.

I have come to see the Chaconne as the capstone movement intrinsically linked with the Gigue, Sarabande, Corrente and Alllemande that come before. All are part of one story, told with extremely personal expression by a man who always put his person aside and focussed on the Music in service to the Divine.

Next performance is #50 – the halfway mark that I hope to celebrate in New York City at the home of a wonderful friend and photographer – stay tuned!

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  1. Hello, Mr. Shem– My adult daughter, my 12 y.o. grandson and violin student, Kevin, attended your performance of the Bach Chaconne suite and, after that, the Master Class you gave to the Alpharetta Youth Symphony Orch. Kevin is auditioning for this orchestra. We thoroughly enjoyed your music, your personality, and your dedication to pursue the 100 performances around the country with youth orchestras. Your musicianship was breathtaking and served as a huge inspiration to the young people. I hope the young people learned from the Swan Lake class, but more than that, the joy of playing the classics with the verve and pathos that you expressed to them. We want to wish you godspeed with your important series and will always remember the gift you gave to Kevin and the other youth from our community.

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