Chaconne #5

July 29, 2012 Lake Oneida, NY  – Weekend Chamber Music party.   Balance of rhythmic discipline and rhythmic freedom felt a bit awry, but then, it *was* first thing in the morning.  Also noticed that some passages need some technical cleaning…new ones that used to be settled…

1 thought on “Chaconne #5”

  1. That’s what music once was, before all the new inventions !
    a small group of friends, family with musicmaking. It was a wonderful experience. Although I am not qualified to “judge”
    the performance : the beautiful sound,warm,quiet,strong just flowed out of that great violin. Clearly the instrument produced only the result of intense understanding and concentration What we heard was a profound connection with this Bach’s masterpiece. The few people that were privileged to share this event will remember it deeply.
    Lucky are the ones that will experience the future performances !

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