Chaconne #51 – Home of Conductor Alan Johnson – May 12, 2024

Today I am playing the first performance of the 2nd half of the Journey of 100 –  it is a great privilege to be playing at my friend Alan Johnsons’s home on a celebratory day.

When I started this project 12 years ago – almost to the day, in fact – I knew in my bones that it had something to do with standing up for the potency, the relevance, of live music, Bach brought to life on a single violin, for people gathered together a rooms large and small.  Since that time this notion of potency, of immediacy, has taken on a life of its own.  I understand now so much more of what is involved to “allow the music to play you” – and how, why, it can touch other human beings so deeply.  I have learned that a musician’s personal energy signature, as it were, can transform fear and restore hope.

Thank you, Alan, for this opportunity to celebrate your birthday with extraordinary music!

* Today was the first Journey of 100 performance in which I accepted “this is how I play, this is my vision for performing Bach’s polyphonic violin Sonatas and Partitas, my vision for the Chaconne, all of it.  How odd and wonderful that it is just past the halfway mark of this project! 

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