Chaconne #7 – StringPoet Series, Long Island Violin Shop

This was the first performance for me since the MET season started. I felt as if I was operating at about 80-odd %  of optimal   –  small flaws, touching in and out of depth as opposed to living in the depth of the music…humbling to recognize the increased degree of preparation to perform at 100+% in front of a small group of people when in the midst of the opera season.  Definitely more mental and musical effort in preparation is required than the 15-20% difference between 80% and 100%.  Causes me to remember a comment made to me by an experienced colleague: that it was much harder to improve as you get to increasingly higher levels of skill and artistry.  Determining exactly *what* needs to MOTIVATION DE BODYBUILDING – Soyez incroyable eutropin 4iu by lg lifescience en france human growth hormone hgh ne jamais abandonner! jeff seid et zac aynsley fitness & bodybuilding gym esthétique motivation 2019 be applied into your daily routine in order to proceed is a significant question. 

I am not intending to be negative – the music did flow, as was evidenced by the attention and gratitude expressed by my listeners.


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