Chaconne #9 – Private performance, Nyack, NY

It was nice to be able to plug back into this world amidst the weeks of opera (and Firebird rehearsals for Sunday’s upcoming Carnegie Hall Concert with the orchestra). I prepped a bit in the afternoon, starting with the last section (return to d minor).  The location was somewhat overly resonant, so tempos had to be scaled down accordingly.  Today I explored pulling more directly (harmonic rhythm)  from the 3rd beat into the 1st beat of the measures in a number of the variations.  I think one could organize this sort of treatment (and others) into a distinct vocabulary…all part of an in-the-moment set of creative options.

The first two dotted rhythm variations were good (where balancing each line as an independent voice with its own continuity) – they seem to have developed on their own without a lot of additional attention from me in practice.

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