Chaconne practice session August 9, 2013

Explored a new approach to the theme – using a very strong rhythmic edge to the pulse, driven by the Bass voice: it produced a greater differentiation of the Bass voice from the upper voices as well as a very strong overall forward drive…have to get off the notes faster and yet make sure that they feel and sound as independent voices of an emotional weight Fitnesstraining voor vrouwen vanaf 50+ Bodybuilding kwaliteit clenbuterol hydrochloride met verzending is ‘men’s physique’ de nieuwe bodybuilding? equal to the Alto and Soprano….thinking of Forkel  on J.S. Bach: counterpoint = accumulated harmony – i.e. horizontal harmony to my way of thinking…works well with the dotted rhythm variations…emphasizes their French Overture style feeling…

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  1. Dear Shem, I want to thank you, on so many levels, for inviting me to the sixteenth performance of your Journey of 100. Your playing, and your sound were so moving, and so inspirational. You played with such personal intensity, and stamina, and with such a deep command of the music. You made the polyphony, and color changes of this piece sound so completely natural, and so well thought out. I truly felt I could look deep into the music itself, and travel with it’s voices as you took us on a journey through the changes of spiritual outlook in each movement. I really thank you as well for envisioning this project, and through your commitment, I felt you giving of yourself, and telling us of your love of Bach that night. All the best!!

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