Master Coaching

“A sensitive, demanding, challenging, constructive coach.”  chamber music student, Bennington VT 2005


“I have worked with Shem Guibbory several times in chamber music performance and have had the good fortune to collaborate on some musical coaching projects as well.  He is able to look beyond and in depth several layers into both the music and the player.   With a unique vocabulary and thoughtful imagery he is able to communicate to fellow musicians and students effective ways to discover their own ability to convey every expressive and artistic ambition of their performance.”   professional string player,  Seattle  WA 2011


“Shem is a truly inspirational teacher.   Beyond helping me improve as a violin player, he made me a better musician by teaching me how to listen.   He had a long-term plan for my musical growth that focused not only on my technical skills but on the relationship I should have with the instrument and music for the rest of my life.  Shem is more than an excellent violin teacher, he is an educator who taught me an approach to practice and skills that apply to any endeavor I undertake.”   private violin student (college-bound), Greenwich  CT  2012


Today we are presented with serious questions about the relevance of our Music, questions regarding the size of our audiences and the longterm viability of our work.


I profess that the intrinsic potency of our Art has not been diminished in any way.   I believe that through working with me you will enhance your own ability to make an effective artistic response to these questions.


My teaching and coaching methods are distilled from over 40 years of experience as a performer, teacher, director and coach.   My ideas about “what works the best” in performance have been informed through a lifetime of study, and are based in large part on guidance derived from previous generations of violinists and musicians.


“Your masterclass was incredible.   To be able to work so well with these young students, bringing out their best in such a short time, is a testament to your musical and communication skills, not to mention experience.   Their parents & teachers were duly impressed and very grateful for all that you accomplished during that hour…Everyone there could hear that the sounds they produced at the end were on a higher level than those they started with, and they played with much more confidence.”  program Director,  Cazenovia Counterpoint,  Cazenovia  NY 2011


During my varied career, I have logged many thousands of hours performing in the first violin section of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, have performed as a soloist with a number of major orchestras.   I have made many recordings, one of which has become an Icon for the Avant-Garde: Violin Phase by Steve Reich.


 At the Met, I have had the privilege of working with many of the most superior musical artists of our time.   Under the baton of James Levine, I have been able to study how he developed two distinct iterations of our amazing orchestra.   From my unique vantage point I have been able to observe and learn from scores of world-class singers and conductors and have been inspired by my remarkable colleagues in the orchestra.   My artistic understanding has been guided by many in-depth conversations with designers, directors and coaches.  My performances have improved because of active listening and consistent, careful pursuit of performance health.   Happily, my interest and vitality as a violinist continues to grow.


“Shem Guibbory is a phenomenal artist who is fully committed to helping others achieve their full expressive and creative potentials.   As a coach, Shem is highly discerning and perceptive.   He zeros in on exactly what would be best for your artistic development.   He really nails it.   He never just tells you what needs improvement; he always draws upon his vast store of musical and creative resources to come up with brilliant solutions.   In my case, the solutions he suggested have taken me farther artistically than I almost thought possible, and have done this in a very short period of time.”  professional singer,  NY  NY  2011


Sharing my knowledge and experience with violinists, musicians, conductors and chamber musicians is a natural outgrowth of my professional experience. 


Initial interview and / or audition required.  Course of study, coaching and mentoring will be designed on an individual basis.  Inquiries may be directed to Mr. Guibbory via the contact page .