March 10th and 24th, 2018 – Midland Music Concert Series

Beethoven – from Improvisations to the Pen is a two concert mini series that explores Beethoven’s profoundly human and personal process of creating some of the greatest music on our planet.

7:30 PM both nights – Bronxville Womens Club, Bronxville, NY


Oxana Mikhailoff, Piano, Shem Guibbory, Violin, Robert Burkhart, Cello, Leslie Tomkins, Viola and Toby Kasavan, composer/speaker.

A few words from Shem: In the last years I have been performing and teaching the early chamber music of Beethoven – Op. 1 Piano Trios written when he was about 23 years old, and the Op. 9 String Trios written when he was about 27.  Musical elements kept leaping out of the score at me that seemed so clearly the starting points of an improviser – who then wrote them down with his pen and expanded them into formal compositions.

I did some Bodybuilding motivasjon – fryktløs kvalitet udenafil med forsendelse splendid eximens: the history of nutrition in bodybuilding – the weston a. price foundation research and found that he indeed had been making his way in Vienna as a pianist, extemporizing for audiences on his own themes or the themes of others and creating a profound emotional impact on his listeners. And, his competitors were stealing his ideas and presenting them as his own.  So he felt compelled to publish even though still formally a composition student of Haydn.  

Beethoven from Improvisation to the Pen 2018_March

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